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What We Do


Relevant9 is a marketing agency in Jacksonville, FL committed to helping businesses succeed in today’s market. We work with everything from startups to established companies, creating brands, improving reach, and increasing sales.


Whether you need help getting started, getting found, or getting social, we’ve got you covered.


What is Relevant9?


Our agency is called Relevant9 because we only focus on the 9 essential elements for businesses to succeed these days. The ones that are relevant to the world we live in today.


We realized that a lot of big marketing companies were selling the same tired strategies and services to clients that they did 15 years ago.


And that wasn’t working.


So instead of pushing outdated tactics, we started from the the ground up.


What did a business have to have in order to be successful?


  1. Solid branding that causes customers to think of your company whenever they need your services.
  2. A simple, powerful logo that is unforgettable and instantly recognizable .
  3. A great website that is mobile responsive, fast, and converts visitors into customers.
  4. High search engine rankings to put your website in front of visitors who need what you’re selling.
  5. An optimized pay per click campaign that gets the best ROI possible.
  6. A consistent email marketing campaign to turn past customers into lifetime brand advocates.
  7. Social media profiles that engage with users to create relationships instead of just talking at them.
  8. Valuable blog posts that provide information and establish you as the authority in your industry.
  9. Strong, positive reviews that convert prospective customers into sales.


If all of these elements are done right, any business can succeed.


So call us today or request a quote so you can see what we can do for you!


Rebecca Relevant9 How can I help?
Rebecca Relevant9 How can I help you?